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Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Gold EDP 35ml

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Gold EDP 35ml

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Product Description:

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Gold Edition perfume, in the Miss Vietnam collection, has ingredients imported from renowned fragrance houses and manufactured 100% in Vietnam.  Hanoi Gold is a beautiful fusion of Vietnamese culture and fragrant luxury.

Upon application, you'll be enveloped in the essence of Hanoi, experiencing a harmonious blend of floral notes.

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Gold  boasts an impressive fusion of captivating roses and delicate violets, resulting in a gentle yet enchanting fragrance reminiscent of the bashful charm displayed by Hanoi's traditional four-piece dressed girls.

Layers of incense

  • Top Notes: Rose, Violet
  • Middle Notes: White Musk
  • Base Note: Soft White Musk

This perfume captures the essence of Hanoi, encapsulating its spirit and cultural heritage in every spritz. The meticulous selection of flowers and harmonious notes embodies the graceful allure of the Vietnamese traditional attire, offering a sensorial journey through the heart of one of Vietnam's most important cities.

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