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Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Platinum EDP 35ml

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi Platinum EDP 35ml

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Product Description
Miss Vietnam - Hanoi women's perfume is in the high-end perfume collection Miss Vietnam with ingredients imported 100% from famous perfume companies in the world. This is a product line imbued with Vietnamese culture.

Miss Vietnam - Hanoi perfume (N29) has the appearance of a young woman named Ha Thanh with a four-piece long dress and a charming hat with a strap on her head. You will immediately feel a charming, discreet and hospitable smile of Hanoians through the product. The sweet aroma of fruit is harmoniously combined with violet flowers and a warm vanilla as if sowing in the hearts of people a memory of returning to Hanoi with the cold weather in autumn.

Layers of incense
  • Top notes: tangerine, cardamom, coffee, milk coffee
  • Middle notes: rose, white flowers, orange blossom
  • Base Notes: Wood, Oriental, Vanilla, Red Fruits

Product design
The perfume bottle is designed in the shape of a Hanoi girl in a traditional four-piece dress and sports hat, along with luxurious and eye-catching packaging. The bottle is made from high-quality Minh Long ceramics, glazed with 2 layers, and the textures are completely hand-painted by artisans. The point on the bottle is a white gold material full of class and value.
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