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Miss Vietnam - Hue Gold EDP 35ml

Miss Vietnam - Hue Gold EDP 35ml

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Product Description

Miss Vietnam - Hue women's perfume  is in the high-end Miss Vietnam perfume collection with ingredients imported 100% from famous perfume companies in the world. This is a product line imbued with Vietnamese culture .

Miss Vietnam - Hue N32 perfume has a gentle but charming style of Hue . The first note has a bit of sweetness with the scent of rose petals and bergamot. The next layer of incense lingers with the gentle ethereal scent of lotus flowers mixed with roses. The last note settles warmly with cedar wood and musk.

Layers of incense

  • Top notes: rose petals  , bergamot
  • Middle notes: lotus, rose
  • Base notes: cedar wood, amber, musk

Product design

The perfume bottle is designed in the shape of a young woman from Hue in a traditional tunic with a scarf, along with  luxurious and eye-catching packaging. The bottle is made from high-quality Minh Long ceramics, glazed with 2 layers, and the textures are completely hand-painted by artisans. The highlight on the bottle is 18k gold material full of class and value. 

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