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Miss Vietnam - Hue Platinum EDP 35ml

Miss Vietnam - Hue Platinum EDP 35ml

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Miss Vietnam Platinum Hue draws a picture of lyrical, dreamy Hue with
a complex mixture of tangerine, lily of the valley and patchouli.


Product Description

Miss Vietnam - Hue women's perfume is in the high-end Miss Vietnam perfume collection with ingredients imported 100% from famous perfume companies in the world. This is a product line imbued with Vietnamese culture.

The scent of Miss Vietnam - Hue N28 evokes the feeling of the peaceful Hue sky in the late afternoons down the Perfume River and listening to sweet and deep lullabies. A hint of freshness of orange blossom mixed with gentle scents of orchids, virgin flowers and roses conjures up images of poetic Hue girls in sweet and graceful white ao dai.

Layers of incense

  • Top notes: mandarin, red apple, pepper
  • Middle notes: jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, violet
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

Product design
The perfume bottle is designed in the shape of a Hue girl in a traditional tunic with a scarf, along with luxurious and eye-catching packaging. The bottle is made from high-quality Minh Long ceramics, glazed with 2 layers, and the textures are completely hand-painted by artisans. The point on the bottle is a white gold material full of class and value.

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